GOPLUS 3500SQ.FT Air Purifier Ionic Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Fresh Clean Home

GOPLUS 3500SQ.FT Air Purifier Ionic Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Fresh Clean Home

Product Features


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New Windsor Seasons SuperGlow 5-6 inch Ionic Himalayan Crystal Salt Rock Lamp. Ionizer and Air Purifier. Hand Crafted with Genuine Neem Wood Base. 6ft UL-Approved Cord with Dimmer Switch and Bulb

  • Brighten your room with the Windsor Seasons Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp. The warm amber light from this lamp complements any space, while also activating the salt crystal to purify the air.

  • Natural Ionizer and Air Purifier. Each lamp emits ions that counter-balance electromagnetic radiation reducing physical fatigue, stress and sluggishness. This natural ionization pulls harmful contaminants and allergens out of the air so you can breathe easier and enjoy a more restful sleep. After a long, stressful day, the Salt Lamp’s calming amber glow and natural negative ion balance aids in relaxing you and reduces your stress levels.
  • Great natural remedy for fighting insomnia, allergies, asthma, anxiety or stress-related issues.
  • Control the Glow. Our dimmer control switch helps adjust the brightness level of the Salt Lamp to suit your mood. Whether you’d prefer a luminous glow for reading and relaxing, soft illumination to lull yourself to a deep sleep or for any level in between you can choose your perfect setting. Once lit the lamp will emit a calming amber glow.
  • Unique and Hand Crafted. Each lamp is hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains and is unique in shape and form the height varies whilst retaining its weight. 1.5kg +/- 200g. This lamp makes for a naturally beautiful accessory. Only the purest salt rock is used for each lamp.
  • Contents include Himalayan Salt Lamp, 6 ft UL approved cord with dimmer switch, 15w bulb and wood base attached to the salt lamp.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back! Order now and give your home a new, vibrant energy, pleasant ambience and contemporary edge.

Product Features

  • 5-6 INCHES TALL. ONLY THE PUREST HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL ROCK SALT. Our lamp is exclusively carved internally and externally for the best possible GLOW. Salt crystals with the best clarity, shape, color and purity are hand-selected for the highest quality. 5- 6″ in height.
  • THERAPEUTIC HEALTH BENEFITS WORKS AS AN IONIZER AND AIR PURIFIER: The lamp emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation and fight fatigue and sluggishness. Helps boost blood flow as well as fight asthma and allergy symptoms. The naturally ionized air also helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake with an enhanced mood and feeling refreshed.
  • NATURAL GLOW: Accentuate your living or workspace with warm lighting, casting a calming amber glow. Each lamp is hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains and carved in a unique shape by our master craftsmen.
  • EXCLUSIVELY CARVED WITH A GENUINE NEEM WOOD BASE: Each lamp is hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains and is unique in shape and form. As the lamp is carved by hand the height can vary by +/-10% whilst retaining its weight 1.25kg +/- 200g. This is a beautiful lamp loved by our customers.
  • DIMMABLE LIGHTING: Our lamp is brighter, but can be turned down to suit your needs with our inclusive dimmer control switch FCC, CE, RoHS Approved, UL Certified

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2 Two Carbon Ionic Air Purifier Ionizer Negative Fresh Ions Pro Breeze Black

This Is Our Electrostatic Air Purifier With Filter And UV Lamp, Which Will Product Small Amounts Of Ozone As A By-Product. It Use Negative Ions That Pullted Air, Trap Contaminants And Then Efficiently Purifies The Air And Removes Pollutants Such As: Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Fumes, Odors, Smoke, Fungus Fibers, Soot And More. Finally, Releases Healthy And Clean Air.

Product Features

  • Brand New And High Quality Electrostatic Air Purifier
  • Simple Tower Design For Space Saving Eliminates Dust, Pollen, Mold, Odors,And Tobacco Smoke
  • Sanitize Feature Kills Mold, Mildew,And Bacteria UVC Light Helps Kill Airborne Germs As They Pass Through The Unit Easy Maintenance Low And High Cleaning Levels For Choosing From
  • Color: Black Rated Voltage: Input 120V AC Current:≤500mA Power: ≤12W Ozone Density: 100mg/H E.S.P. Filtering Surface: 30720 Mm2 (0.33 Sqf) E.S.P. Ozone Output Concentration: < 0.05 Ppm UVC Wave Length: 253.7 Nm UV Irradiation Intensity: 4200 Μw/Cm2(10mm Distance) Noise Level: 40dB
  • Maximum Air Delivery Of Air Inlet: 8 M3 /Hr (4.7 Cfm) Product Dimension: 6.7″×5.5″×17″(L×W×H) Covers Up To 1000 Sq. Ft. Package Include: 2×Electrostatic Air Purifier 2×Owner Manual

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Clevr 8 Stage Ozone Generator Air Purifier, Filter, Ozone, Ionic, UV, Plasma, Home Use, 1000 Square Feet Coverage

The New Clevr 8-stage Ionic Ozone Generator Air Purifier, Dust Smoke Remover Filter UV Plasma Air Cleaner and Odor Remover seamlessly combines form and function adding a touch of elegance to any room.

The air purifier eliminates odors from tobacco smoke, pet smells, paint fumes, molds, pollens, allergies, chemical gases, dust, food and just about any odor you can think of. It is attractive and powerful and leaves your air smelling clean and fresh. It can be used for home or commercial use. This powerful Ozone and Ionic Air Cleaner breaks down and destroys odor causing agents and cleans the air with its Ozone and Ionic cleaning power. If you have an odor this is your solution!

Rest assured, you’re getting the best possible filtration with our unique 4-in-1 Filter: Pre-Filter + HEPA filter + Odor Carbon Filter+ Photocatalytic Filter plus 4 air purifying technologies: UV, Ionic, Plasma, and Ozone!! Thus, creating an 8-Stage filtration system!


  • Ozone coverage: Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • UV Lamp: Single 4 Watt UV Lamp.
  • Negative Ion: ≥ 5×106 ions/cm3
  • PLASMA: > 1×106 ions/cm3.
  • Variable speed fan setting.
  • Eco-Friendly Design & Ultra-low energy usage.
  • Durable solid wood casing


  • Homes & Living Areas
  • Offices & Stores
  • New Paint & Wallpaper Areas
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Veterinary Offices
  • Smoking Areas
  • Hotel Rooms
  • High Pollen Environments
  • Attics & Basements
  • Locker Rooms
  • Restaurants & Bars

NOTE: All ozone generators change the molecular structure of the air temporarily, making it difficult to breath when in use. ALL ozone generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces.

Product Features

  • The 8-stage Air Purification System (Pre Filter, HEPA Filter, Odor Carbon Filte, Photocatalytic Filter, Ozone, Negative Ionic, UV, and Plasma) is one of a kind. Most sellers have fewer purification methods and basic filters.
  • With the adjustable speed motor, you could use this air ionizer at home in a low quiet mode or turn it up to full power mode to cover larger industrial areas.
  • The Powerful Ozone System remove & clean orders that cover up to 1000 sq ft.
  • The High End 8-stage Air Purifier is more powerful and more efficient than other brands!
  • This is a high end appliance that will look good in any home and is designed to last for many years to come. The wood-like design makes this ozone stand out!

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Breathe Fresh Air HEPA Filter Ionic Ionizer Air Purifier with UV Sterilizer and 2 Ceramic Ozone Plates

Includes Upgraded External HEPA Filter that other vendors do not. Comes with built in Ionizer, 2 Ozone Plates and UV Sterilizer. KILLS AIRBORNE GERMS: Built in UV sterilizer – removes airborne viruses, germs. Negative ions produced from the ionizer drop dust and particulate from the air. Helps solve – itchy eyes, allergies, sinus and ear irritations that cause sneezing. OZONE DEODORIZING: Makes 360 mg ozone/hr – easily removes bad odors/mold smells/chemicals/smoke smells. It is normal for the ozone function to create a potentially unpleasant smell while operating. After 1-2 hours of the ozone function having run and subsequently turned off, return to find extremely fresh smelling air. Make sure to use the ozone function on this unit in unoccupied spaces and return 1-3 hours after ozone has been turned off. SPACIOUS COVERAGE: Works in homes/ spaces up to 3,500 square feet. ELEGANT FINISH: Unit is made of a dark hardwood – for a very attractive upscale look. Internals made of strong high quality stainless steel. Items are hand made and wood naturally may have slight imperfections that add to the uniqueness.

Product Features

  • Includes Upgraded External HEPA Filter that other vendors do not. Comes with built in Ionizer, 2 Ozone Plates and UV Sterilizer.
  • KILLS AIRBORNE GERMS: Built in UV sterilizer – removes airborne viruses, germs. Negative ions produced from the ionizer drop dust and particulate from the air. Helps solve – itchy eyes, allergies, sinus and ear irritations that cause sneezing.
  • OZONE DEODORIZING: Makes 360 mg ozone/hr – easily removes bad odors/mold smells/chemicals/smoke smells. It is normal for the ozone function to create a potentially unpleasant smell while operating. After 1-2 hours of the ozone function having run and subsequently turned off, return to find extremely fresh smelling air. Make sure to use the ozone function on this unit in unoccupied spaces and return 1-3 hours after ozone has been turned off.
  • SPACIOUS COVERAGE: Works in homes/ spaces up to 3,500 square feet.
  • ELEGANT FINISH: Unit is made of a dark hardwood – for a very attractive upscale look. Internals made of strong high quality stainless steel. Items are hand made and wood naturally may have slight imperfections that add to the uniqueness. Compare with similar items

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MasterPanel – 2 PCS Mini Ionic Whisper Home Air Purifier & Ionizer Pro Filter 2 Speed #TP3294

Hot design!! and Fastest shipping estimate within 15days (business day)

Product Features

  • Which Is A Compact Designed With The Performance Of An Ionizer Over Double Its Size, Use Negative Ions That Pullted Air, Trap Contaminants And Then Efficiently Purifies The Air And Removes Pollutants Such As: Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Fumes, Odors, Smoke, Fungus Fibers, Soot And More.
  • Clean Air With Negative Ions, Low Energy Consume(Consume Only 7 Watts Of Power), Covers Up To 300 Square Feet, 2 Speed Operation: Whisper Silent And Turbo, Built-In Permanent Filter, Never Needs Replacement, 12V AC Adaptor Runs For Just Pennies A Day.
  • Color: Silver And Black, Material: ABS, Height: 12”, Energy Efficient – 7 Watts Per Hour, Package Include: 2×Air Purifier Ionizer 2×AC Adapter 2×Owner’s Manual, Note: Indoor Use Only.
  • Caution: Please Read The Manual Thoroughly Before Using The Unit and Please Retain This Manual For Future Reference.
  • Hot design!! Sometime item will out of stock USA, we will direct ship from manufacturer for you

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Black Ozone Generator Ionic Air Purifier. Programmable On Off Cycle Air Cleaner. Portable Versatile Plug in Unit. Simple Automatic Machine. For Odors, Mold, Mildew and Smokers. T58 By Excelsior

Intelligent Design – Built to Last

How Ozone Generator Air Purifiers Work – Ozone generators work by electrically charging oxygen (o2) and converting it into ozone (o3). Activated ozone attaches itself to airborne impurities and neutralizes them. The ozone breaks down quickly and reverts back into oxygen leaving the air fresh and clean. Mother Earth creates ozone and purifies the air in the same way, which is why the air smells so crisp and clean after a thunderstorm. Ozone generators have been used worldwide for decades in residential, commercial, and industrial applications such as hospitals, hotels, and HVAC systems to name a few. They’re effective in treating mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, viruses, odors and cigarette smoke.

Why the Excelsior T58 Ozone Generator is Better – The compact/durable Excelsior T58’s superior design is engineered to operate intelligently, allowing it to cycle on and off. It wont contantly run which puts unnecessary wear and tear on the machine. The “Rest” cycle allows for the activated ozone to disperse, which leaves the air clean and fresh. (This is similar to taking a shower and rinsing off. You aren’t truly clean until you wash away the soap.) The T58 can easily be moved from room to room, or packed for travel. It’s great for kitchens, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pet areas, dorm rooms and more! It’s energy efficient, using only 5 watts of power. It’s CE and RoHS Certified. It’s easy to operate, with simple well written instructions. Heavy duty packaging ensures maximum protection during shipment. Clearly, the T58 makes good sense.

We Also Offer Many Other Cool Products. See our Store – Earthtone Solutions

Order Now – Shipped quickly and securely. To order, simply click the “Add to Cart” button located at the upper right of your screen.

Product Features

  • INTELLIGENT OPERATION – Programmable readout. Turns itself on or off. Saves on wear and tear. Easy
  • KEEPS AIR CLEAN AND FRESH – Safe levels of ozone attach to impurities and quickly neutralize them
  • VERSATILE – Eliminates smoking, cooking and bathroom odors. Ozone can also treat mold and mildew
  • PORTABLE – Easy to move to kitchen, bathroom, pet area, dorm room or pack for travel
  • BLACK VERSION – Includes large easy to understand instructions. Thick packaging. 1 year warranty

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SZCHENGCI Portable Anion Air Purifier Negative Ionic USB Rechargeable Necklace Negative Ion Generator (White)

Mini Personal Portable Air Purifier
Functions :
> Protect you from yellow dust, various germ, bacteria, virus, fine dust, bad smell from daily lives.
> Improve blood circulation
> Kill bacteria, virus, germ, etc.
> Prevent infection spreading
> Dispel the static
> Good for respiratory disease
> Scatter smoke and masses dust
> It can keep you immune-up, healthy and balanced by neutralizing positive ion
such as Pollution, Pollen, Yellow-dust that cause allergy, rhinitis, asthma.

Battery capacity: 300mah
Battery type: Polymer lithium battery
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Shell material: 100% degradable corn starch and PLA
Standby time: 10 hours
Functional Efficacy: More than 20 million negative ions per second
Color: White
Size: 20 * 21 * 80mm
Weight: 28.3g

1× Mini Air Purifier
1× Charging Base
1× Wear Lanyard
1× Manual

The start / shutdown method is: Press the power button to boot; When you
press the power button again, it will turn off. This product does not need to
add any water or liquid, only need to start it to purify the air.

Charging: when the lights show red, this time you need to recharge, usually
only need to charge 2-3 hours can be full. When the charge flashes the green
light, it means it is full of electricity.

Product Features

  • NEGATIVE ION: The special feature of this air purifier is that it can produce Negative Ion which can remove pollen, dust, mold spores and other harmful particles from the air and are able to improve mood. Negative ions are useful for enhancing the metabolism and homeostasis of the human body.
  • HIGHEST EFFICIENCY: Our purifier can be emitting up to 20 million negative ions be released,killing more than 95% smoke, pollen, dust, mold spores and other harmful particles from the air, very low power consumption & energy efficient.
  • MINI PORTABLE: You can wear it around your neck, portable and compact enough to use anywhere without noise emitted.
  • RECHARGEABEL: It is silent in operation and it’s extremely energy efficient technology provides 10 hours of run time on one charge. Easily charged by included USB cable.
  • LOVE GIFT: Fashionable design that make your surrounding environment a bit more colorful and have more temperament and interest. Perfect gift idea for family and friends.

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O3 LEAF Plug-In Adjustable Ionic Air Purifier (ORANGE)

O3 LEAF Room Air Purifier The Best Mini Plug in Air Purifier Sold Today. Ozone output, <0.50ppm to 300ppm adjustable Quiet operation & low maintenance, Low power consumption, Environmentally friendly Comes with gift box and manual. Just plug it in and it starts cleaning the air in your home from airborne impurities such as particles of dust, smoke, molds, pollen and allergens. "Easy to use, Maintenance free, Chemical free operation, Compact and quiet. The plug in O3 LEAF Fresh Air Room Deodorizer is one of the most powerful units on the market today. With its small size it packs quite a punch. We recommend initially trying yours at the lowest output setting and adjusting it accordingly to your needs. In most spaces, even a low setting can achieve some impressive results in just a few short hours. The Red O3 LEAF is perfect wherever mold, mildew, bacteria and unpleasant odors are a problem. It boasts a hand oiled fan system and each O3 LEAF is tested and assembled in the U.S. Compact Design: Ideal for small spaces in Homes & RVs. Easily moved from room to room and travel ready Optimum Output Control: adjustable ozone concentration Up to 322 sq. ft. Quiet Operation & Low Maintenance Chemical Free: does not use or produce chemicals. Low Power Consumption Deodorizes: combats odors from smelly shoes, smoke, sports equipment, pet smells, perfumes, etc., leaving rooms refreshed and odor free

Product Features

  • Compact Design: Ideal for small spaces in Homes & RVs. Easily moved from room to room and travel ready
  • Optimum Output Control: adjustable ozone concentration UP TO 300 MG/H
  • Purifies up to 322 sq. ft. Quiet Operation & Low Maintenance
  • Chemical Free: does not use or produce chemicals. Low Power Consumption. Direct OEM. Both CE and RoHS Certified
  • Deodorizes odors from smelly shoes, smoke, sports equipment, pet smells, perfumes, etc., leaving rooms refreshed and odor free

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Atongm Multi-function Sterilizing Deodorizer, ionic air purifier, Ozone Air Cleaner Purifier for Freezer, Ambry, Wardrobe, Frigerator, Closet, Shoe cabinet, Car,etc.

This product is controlled. Constant low concentration of reactive oxygen and low temperature
ions, combined with sterilization, in addition to taste technology, can be effective on the
refrigerator freezer. Wardrobe, shoe, insulation cabinet and other internal environment for
automatic. cycle. Long-term sterilization and deodorization.

Intelligent Sterilization, Clearance of Harmful Bacteria
Prolong frish-keeping Term
Degradation of Pesticide Residues

Color: Rose gold
Area of use: 10m³
Rechargeable area: micro USB 5V1A
Battery capacity: ≤ 4000mah
Operating power: 0.5W
Ozone generation: 1MG / H
Product weight: 218G
Applicable temperature: -10 ℃ -50 ℃
Use time: 2 months

Product configuration:
1x net taste treasure
1x USB charging cable
1x manual

Our presents product items are as close to real color, but take a different light and display factors, there is a certain color, please forgive me.

Product Features

  • The ozone released by atongm Sterilizing Deodorizer has strong decomposition effect to pesticide residues, hormone and antibiotics, ect.
  • Moisture-proof design structure,sustained release no need to replace consumables .Ultra-long standby time with 4400mAH High capacity Li-ion battery.
  • Intelligent circulation mode, micro USB charging port, low power consumption and 35 day’s ultra-long standby time.
  • Sterilization and Deodorization: Constant and low concentration ozone sterilization, Bacterial inactivation rate after one hour 95.47%. Quickest deodorization effectual time 15 mins, Prolonged Fruite & Vegetable Fresh-keeping term 7 days
  • Simple Operation: One touch prower key, After full charge,long press the power button and start to sterilizing, short press to switch mode, No app needed.

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SilverOnyx Desktop Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, Allergen and Odor Reduction, UV Sanitizer, Best Air Cleaning System for Pets, Smokers, Quiet 2-Speed Fan, 200 Sq Ft – White

The all new SilverOnyx 3-in-1 Air Cleaner with True HEPA Filtration and Ionizer captures 99.97% of dust and allergens up to 0.3 microns including ultra-fine dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, allergens, plant pollens, cooking, and other household odors.

Powerful Filtration Stages:
1 > Mesh ‘pre-filter’ captures larger particles such as hair and pet dander
2 > HEPA filter removes 99.97% of ultra fine particles, dust, and allergens
3 > Activated carbon filter removes odors, chemicals, and contaminants to provide fresh, clean air
4 > Anion generator releases negatively charged molecules that attach to/inactivate airborne allergens and pollutants for improved air quality

This powerful HEPA air filtration system provides fresh, clean air that helps in the fight against allergens, airborne bacteria, pollution, etc.

Easy to use push button display to access the power on/off, 2-speed fan, on/off timer, Anion generator.

The SilverOnyx 3-in-1 HEPA Air Filter‘s compact and lightweight design is ultra portable and convenient. A wonderful air freshener for home or office use, this is the perfect air purifier for smokers or families with pets.

HEPA filtration is the proven leader in filtering ultra-fine particles, and the SilverOnyx purifier with a high quality, brushless DC motor is built to last.

Product Features

  • ✔️ TRUE HEPA FILTRATION: High quality air purifier with true HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust & allergens up to 0.3 microns including ultra-fine dust, smoke, pet dander, etc.
  • ✔️ POWERFUL LEVELS OF FILTRATION: This compact model features 4 levels of filtration (pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon, and Ion generator) to provide the freshest, cleanest, quality air in your home.
  • ✔️ ENHANCED FILTRATION WITH AIR IONIZER: A built-in air ionizer generates negative ion particles that help eliminate the occurrence of air-borne bacteria and reduce static electricity buildup in electronics. Additionally, this model features a PM2.5 (particulate matter) sensor that will change the LED color of the ‘Air Quality’ indicator.
  • ✔️ VERSATILE DESIGN: The SilverOnyx HEPA air purifier with ionizer,and activated carbon combines three of the world’s best air purification technologies that make it ideal for any area including the office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or RV.
  • ✔️ RELATED: silveronyx desktop air purifier hepa small room for pets ac motor airclean airpurifiers best breeze carbon charcoal cigarette clean cleaner cleaners cleans conditioner dander depot dust electronic electrostatic fan filter filters filtration floor furnace home honeywell house humidifier hunter ionic ionizer machine mold ozone personal pet portable pur purification purifiers purify purifying rated reviews smoke smokers system top uv whole.

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Mammoth Cherry Wood Ionic Ion & Ozone Generator Home Use Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer

This classic air purifier is made of a hand stained and constructed cherry wood box. Heavy-duty stainless steel back cover and internal parts to ensure long term use of the air purifier. This deodorizer sterilizer uses ozone (O3) to cleam\n the air and can reach up to 2000 sq feet. It is design for home permanent use, where you can nicely put along with your other furnitures. This home use ozone generator has 2 adjustable control where the ozone knob will allow you to control the ozone output and fan knob will allow you to control the fan speed. This wood cased ozone generator/air purifier does not merely mask mal odors like some air purifiers, it DESTROYS odors! Utilizing activated oxygen (O3) technology, the Mammoth air purifier/ozone generator oxidizes and destroys airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and odors. The oxidation process breaks down the molecular structure of bacteria, viruses, and bad odors, thereby neutralizing them. What is left is a “fresh, clean spring rain smell” similar to the clean air smell after a rain storm (nature’s ozone generator). Now you can control the ozone level and air flow speed (noise) to purify your home to kill germs, deodorizes, and freshens the air. Power: 45W, 110V AC. Satisfaction guaranteed: 30 days unconditional replacement or refund if you are not satisfied. Factory Warranty: 1 year. NOTE: There is NO timer function on this model. Ozone is NOT recommended while user is at home.

Product Features

  • NATURAL ODOR PURIFICATION: Ozone breaks down in about 30 minutes and it is a natural oxidizing agent to desotry smoke stink, strong cooking smells, pet urine odors, musty closets, moldy spaces, etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE OZONE LEVEL: This air purifier features two knobs to control the fan speed and the ozone production. This way you are in control of the level of ozone production.
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: All you have to do once the unit arrives is insert the ozone plates in the back, plug in the electrical cord, and turn on the air purifier! There are no remotes, no buttons, no additional items to configure.
  • PRODUCES IONS AND OZONE: Ion production: 80000/cubic inch AND 360mg/H
  • 10 YEAR BRAND & 1 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY: Mammoth has been around for over 10 years in business. Made of quality parts, there are very little defective units; however, should it comes up, a replacement unit will be sent within the 1 year warranty period at no additional cost.

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Home Air Purifier Ionic Ozone Ionizer Cleaner 3500SQF Fresh Clean Smoke Remover

This air purifier adopt a state-of-the art air purification system with stainless steel construction and solid wood cabinetry what is only the finest materials surround the air purification technology. It produces both activated oxygen, which reduces odors and negative ions. The air purifier uses a needlepoint ionizer to drop dust, smoke and other harmful particles from the air we breathe. In our homes and offices there is a lack of negative ions and an abundance of positive ions. The buildings we spend most of our time in block out the natural occurring negative ions, it recreates the natural balance of positive to negative ions to significantly reduce airborne particulate, and it uses electricity to split oxygen O2 molecules into single O1 atoms, which attach loosely to other O2 molecules to become O3 (activated oxygen). This loosely attached oxygen atom is unstable and seeks to bond with chemical compounds and other odor causing pollutant in order to oxidize them.

Product Features

  • Eliminate odor, great for dust, pollen, pets, smoke and more
  • Great application for home, office, smoking area and others
  • Clean up to 3500sq.ft
  • Improves air quality and helps you breathe fresher
  • Ultra-low energy usage yields cost and energy savings

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PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier – 3 Speeds Plus UV-C Air Sanitizer

PureZone safely sanitizes the air in your home or office in a few short hours making it more breathable, enjoyable, and even healthier. The sleek, modern design complements any decor and is fully customizable with three speed settings and an automatic timer to conserve energy and extend the life of the 3-in-1 air filter. Thanks to True HEPA filtration-which is proven to eliminate 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns-PureZone provides a perfect solution for making the air more comfortable for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing issues.

PureZone is backed by Pure Enrichment’s industry-leading 5-Year Warranty so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Product Features

3-in-1 Filter: Combines the power of a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter into one.

UV-C Light: Adds a deeper level of air sanitation by safely eliminating germs, viruses and bacteria.

Automatic Timer: Shuts off the unit after 2, 4 or 8 hours of continuous operation.

3-Speed Fan: Offers adjustable low, medium, and high settings to better accommodate the needs of the room.

Filter Reset Indicator: Lets you know when it’s time to change the filter.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: So quiet, you won’t even know it’s in the room.

Product Specifications
Size: 10.8″ L x 6.9″ W x 12.1″ H
CADR: 80 cfm
Power: AC 120V, 50Hz, 60W
Noise Level: 30dB (Low), 40dB (Medium), 50dB(High)
UV Light: Wavelength: 254nm | Lamp life: Approx. 20,000 hours
Coverage Area: Up to 200 sq ft

What’s in the Box
PureZone Air Purifier
3-in-1 True HEPA Air Filter

Product Features

  • PURIFIES THE AIR: True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and household odors.
  • DESTROYS GERMS & BACTERIA: UV-C light safely destroys micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: With a noise level at just 30dB, PureZone silently sanitizes the air for easier breathing and more restful sleep.
  • SAFE & EASY OPERATION: Sets up easily for immediate use out of the box.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT SETTINGS: Optional automatic timer shuts off the unit after 2, 4, or 8 hours of continuous use.

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OUTAD Car Air Purifier Car Air Freshener and Ionic Air Purifier | Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors – Available for Your Auto or RV

Purify and freshen your vehicle’s interior air with an electronic air purifier that removes allergens, odors and more

Have smoker in the car?
Pets smell linger on for days?
Summer stink with sweat?

All these can be easily resoled with This OUTAD Car Air Purifier and Freshener!

&#9752Especially designed for People today who spend more time than ever in their cars, traveling back and forth to work, events, or family responsibilities

&#9752Help eliminate those impurities, smoke, pollen odor or summer stinky smell of sweat or anything else in the air, even the smell from your naughty pets could be easily exhausted out, brings you fresh air all the time

&#9752Silent & Easy to use
Runs below 35dB, as quiet as the whispering at night, would not disturb your driving, reading or kids sleeping, pet-friendly(pets are sensitive to sound)
Simply plug it into cigarette lighter outlet, let it run, and the ionizing particles and HEPA filter will quietly clean your air as you drive

&#9752Extra Aroma Diffuser function
Simple drops of your favourite essential oil fills your car with fragrance, creating a comfortable environment

Brand: OUTAD Voltage: DC12V
Power: 8W
Noise: below 35dB
Air volume: 18m^3/h
Size: 160x160x60mm
Package size: 205x172x72mm
Weight: 392.4g
Color: White

Package includes:
1 x Car purifier
1 x Car charging
1 x Anti-skid mat
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • 🏃🏃AIR PURIFIER: HEPA Activated Carbon Integrated Filter with double fan to effectively collect and remove the external invasion of exhaust, soot, dust, pollen and other dirty air particles, protect you from allergy season
  • 🏃🏃NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR: produces negative ions to remove formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful TVOC gas in the car, with the efficient sterilization mold so that the ion balance in the air almost near natural state
  • 🏃🏃AROMA DIFFUSER: You can drop your favorite essential oils in the aroma storage box according to personal preferences, creating a comfortable car air condition
  • 🏃🏃EASY OPERATION and ULTRA-QUIET: with a simple intelligent sensor chip, automatically monitoring air quality, easy to operate;Noise: noise below 35dB, ULTRA-QUIET, no disturbance to your driving/kids sleeping
  • 🏃🏃PET FRIENDLY and USER FRIENDLY: create natural fresh air condition, friendly to kids and pets; with an extra anti-skid mat, no hassle of skidding, breeze to enjoy the fresh air

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Ivation Medium Size 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier Sanitizer and Deodorizer with UV Light – True HEPA Filter, Active Carbon Filter and UV Light Cleaner for Home or Office – 323 Sq/Ft Coverage

Stay fresh and breathe easy with this 3-in-1-filtration system!
Create a clean, calm, comfortable environment with the Medium Combination Air Purifier by Ivation. Conveniently designed for medium spaces up to 323 square feet, this 3-in-1 air freshening system effectively sanitizes, decontaminates and deodorizes with multiple filtration technologies. Just plug it in, and enjoy pure, unpolluted pleasure at work or at home. The unit’s slim, compact design means you minimize your eco footprint while enjoying the freshest, cleanest air possible. Whether you have pet hair and dander, everyday airborne allergens or hard-to-clean mold and mildew, our powerful HEPA, carbon and pre- filters purify without a problem. Integrated UV-C and negative ion settings also provide added defense against bacteria and other harmful pollutants. For that clean, green, after-rain atmosphere that helps you breathe easier and feel stronger, add a Medium Combination Air Purifier to your cart today!

Triple the Purification Power
Despite its small size, you’ll enjoy our 3-in-1 model’s maximum air filtration. A washable pre-filter captures large dust particles and hair; an activated carbon filter absorbs formaldehyde, benzene and other noxious gasses; and a powerful HEPA filter eliminates fine particles, pollen and bacteria for superior aeration.

Built-In UV Technology
Eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses, mold and mildew without harsh bleaches, cleaners or chemicals. An integrated UV-C bulb destroys harmful contaminants before they form, providing up to 20,000 hours of continuous sanitization. Stay healthy, and gain dependable, everyday asthma and allergy relief


Product Features

  • POWERFUL COMBINATION AIR PURIFIER – Sleek, Lightweight Device Cleans, Freshens & Deodorizes Air; Covers Up to 323 sq/ft in Bedroom or Office – CADR Rated 125+
  • MAXIMUM FILTRATION CAPABILITY – 3-in-1 Purification System: Pre-Filter for Hair & Large Particles, Carbon Filter for Gasses & HEPA Filter for Dust, Germs & Allergens
  • POWERFUL UV SANITATION – Built-In UV-C Light Destroys Bacteria & Mold Without Harsh Chemicals; Fights Odors From Food, Mildew, Pets, Cigarette Smoke & More
  • NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY – Optional Setting Reduces Harmful Ion Output from TV & Computer; Improves Air Quality for Improved Respiratory & Heart Function
  • CONVENIENT TOUCH PANEL – Easy Soft Touch Operation Includes On/Off Power, 3-Speed Fan, Timer & UV-C & Ion Settings; Hidden Handle for Portable Ease

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Levoit Air Purifier Filtration with True HEPA Filter, Compact Odor Allergen Eliminator Cleaner for Home, Pets, Smokers, Cooking, LV-H132

Love fresh air? Bring it inside—whether to your living room spread, atop a small nightstand, or right next to you at your work. Let it do its work, choose from low, medium, or high fan speed settings. Three stages of filtration (Fine Preliminary, True HEPA, Activated Carbon filters) tackle 99.97% of particles and odors. Enjoy a cleaned-up breathing space all around it. And sit back knowing there’s a 2-year warranty that comes with lifetime support from Levoit customer service.

Product Features

  • TRUE HEPA TECHNOLOGY: Filters 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odors, mold spores, and pet dander. This air purifier filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger and filters air pollution of PM 2.5 (pollution rate) to help improve overall health. Perfect for pet owners, babies, children, elderly, or for anyone wanting to improve air quality. The perfect gift for father, mother, office mates and friends
  • 3 FILTRATION STAGES: Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness; Fine Preliminary, True HEPA and Activated Carbon filters reduce unwanted odors from pets, smoking and cooking dwelling around your living spaces; Note: please remove the plastic bag of the HEPA filter and charcoal filter before running the air purifier. Failure to do so may cause damage to the unit
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: 3 speed settings, Low, Medium and High, provide options for various conditions. It’s equipped with nightlight functions with 2 brightness settings. This air purifier also operates quietly through the night
  • COMPACT BUT POWERFUL: Its unique size (and contemporary design) makes it perfect to fit in any small interior or office space. Its convenient compact size fits in small spaces
  • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: This product comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support from Levoit. 100% Ozone free, does not use UV or Ions which produce trace amounts of measurable ozone, a harmful air pollutant. The Levoit Air Purifier Filter needs to be replaced every 6 months and is available to purchase (Search for: LV-H132-RF). Certain units might produce mechanical noise during initial set-up which will subside after regular usage.

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Duseco Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Car Air Freshener, Ionic Air Purifier, Air Cleaner – Removes Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Bad Odors – For Automobile/RV & Car Gift w/ Premium Packing (Gray)

What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron which is naturally created by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation.

What are the benefits of Negative Ions for your health?

1. clear the air of dust, smoke, pet door and other potential allergens

2. decrease airborne viruses and bacteria

3. reduce stress

4. enhance metabolism

How does it work with Duseco car air purifier?

1. Oxygen in the air is charged by Duseco car air purifier becomes anions.

2. Anions absorb airborne pollutants such as smoke, dust, pollen and PM2.5 by 99%.

3. Neutralization occurs where the floating air pollutants subside naturally to the ground.

How to Use it?

Plug the device into the car cigarette lighter or adaptor. The indication light will be on when the device is working. The device will work continuously until it is unplugged.

Product Paraments:

Anion Density: 4,800,000 pcs/ cm³

Applicable Occasions: Perfect for car or RV

Working Temperature: -10℃~40℃(10℉~104℉)

Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃(10℉~140℉)

Net Weight: 40g

Product Features

  • Strongest and Newly Improved Ionization Technology. Freshen air within seconds by removing pollens, cigarettes smoke, musty smell, pets’ smell, PM2.5 air pollutants and kills harmful bacteria. Perfect for Pollen & Smell Sensitive drivers and Kids/Babies.
  • Unlike artificial scent car air freshener that does nothing to cleanse air, Duseco Car Air Ionizer/Car Air Purifier uses modern ionization techniques to purify air.
  • Save Refills Cost, Hassle-Free and Simple to use: Unlike typical Car Air Fresheners, there are no filter and maintenance required, which will help you save long term costs.
  • The Glossy Design couples with Crystal Shaped Blue LED adds a modern and fasionalble look to your car interior. Plug directly into the 12v cigarette outlet. High Quality Product Premium Gift Packaging and does not come in soft paper boxes that compromise product quality. Cool Automotive Accessories.
  • All of our products have CE, FCC and RoHS certifications: CE (European conformity marking that complies with all relevant European health safety and environmental protection legislation requirements),FCC (Federal Communications Commission), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Make the world a better place with your choice.

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hOme Ionic Air Purifier HEPA Filter for Allergies – Portable 3 in 1 Air Purifier with UV-C Sanitizer Odor Allergen Reduction – Air Cleaning System for Desktop or Small Rooms 50 sq ft Coverage

The hOme 3-in-1 Ionic Air Purifier is ideal for desktop use in small spaces up to 50 square feet. It features a HEPA filter to capture 99% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.7 microns, as well as mold spores, plant pollens, pet dander and other common household allergens. It also includes a UV-C sanitizer light to reduce odor, and eliminate bacteria and viruses. A smart purchase for your home office and more!

Product Details

  • Size 6.7 x 6.7 x 7.5 in
  • HEPA filter
  • 110V / 4.6W power
  • 50 sq ft area coverage
  • CADR rate: 30 CFM (51 cu.m/ h)
  • 3M/ cu cm negative ions released
  • 2 adjustable levels
  • Filter changing indicator
  • Red LED light in standby; blue LED light when running
  • ETL certified adapter

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 PURIFIER – Compact air cleaning system features UV-C light and activated carbon filter to remove odor and allergens like pet dander, mold spores or plant pollens
  • HEPA – Ionic air purifier with hepa filter for desktop or small rooms up to 50 square feet
  • IONIC POWER – Portable air purifier releases 3 million negative ions per cubic centimeter to ionize and purify surrounding air
  • KILLS BACTERIA – UV-C sanitizer works with titanium dioxide to kill airborne bacteria, viruses and household germs
  • FILTER INDICATOR – Air purifier for allergies measures 6.7 x 6.7 x 7.5 inches and features filter changing indicator

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Sollievo Ionic Air Purifier for Car & Home – USB Powered Filter w/ Adapter

If you need the same air quality while on the move that you demand at home, then the Sollievo air purifier is a great choice. Toss it in your purse or computer bag to join you on your daily commute. Plug into your car’s lighter and you’re ready to remove pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses along with smoke & pet odors to generate fresh healthful air for a more blissful commute. You don’t have to stop there, bring it to your desk to combat stale conditioned and heated air. This little gem is sophisticated enough to compliment any décor and strong enough (with 400million per CBM Anion generating power) to bring that refreshing after-the-rain scent right into your work day.

Product Features

  • BRING THE SAME HEALTHY AIR YOU ENJOY AT HOME TO YOUR DAILY COMMUTE – the adaptor plugs right into your car’s lighter and the non-slip pad keeps your cleaner in place to remove smoke or pet odors, then the integrated fragrance module allows you to refine the scent to your taste
  • BLENDS BEAUTIFULLY INTO ANY DECOR – plugs directly into any available USB port to operate at a whisper quiet 20 decibels, so no disturbing co-workers while reversing the effects of stale heated and conditioned air
  • CAPTURES AIRBORNE DUST PARTICLES, POLLEN, BACTERIA VIRUSES AND SMOKE ODORS to reduce headaches, nausea, and increase health to make breathing a joy
  • PURIFIES THE WHOLE CAR – this high capacity anion generating system releases 400million anion per CBM and provides that refreshing “after the rain” scent
  • COMPACT AND RUGGED ENOUGH TO TOSS INTO BACKPACKS , PURSES AND COMPUTER BAGS – the sleek black and white design is sophisticated enough to bring you fresh healthful air with a touch of class

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